In this category, you will see all the martial arts equipment General Star Corp supplies, include the weapons, gears, training aids, and other accessories.

Below is a brief introduction about the items you will see in every sub-category.


Here we display all the traditional weapons used in martial arts training. Nunchuck, bo (long sticks,) blades, and long weapons are basic. Rare types, like tonfa, kama, dart or ninja weapons are available in our product lines as well.

If you are looking for something which can be used for personal security, batons and kubotans might interest you.

Training Aids

In this category you will find the items you need for creating a good enviorment for practicing your skills, and display your bandage.

Sparring Gears and Apparel

These two categories include the sparring gears and apparel you need during exercise. We offer protective gears to cover your body, and unifroms to personalized.